Alison Macintyre is the founder of Regenerem, a consulting and coaching agency working on a portfolio of projects to advance human flourishing and wellbeing. She is a Research Fellow with the Centre for Behavioural Economics, Society, and Technology in Australia where she uses her PhD in behavioural economics to investigate social dilemmas necessitating cooperation, social capital, and voluntary participation.

Ali is deeply passionate about combining this academic research with her entrepreneurial spirit, and has spent much of the past decade developing people-first and purpose-driven organisational culture inside high-growth tech startups.

She has comprehensive expertise in building and leading successful remote/ virtual/ work from home teams, and is currently writing a book about this topic while occasionally teaching a course on organisational behaviour at college. In her spare time, she serves as a director on non-profit and NGO boards, tries to keep her house plants alive, and sometimes writes a paragraph on a novel that, at this rate, might be finished by 2050. 

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